Module 6 – Detailed Design

Design Development, Construction Documentation, and Bidding: The District and its team continue to advance the project and the MSBA continues to monitor the project to ensure it remains on track and meets the expectation of both the District and the MSBA as defined in the Project Funding Agreement. The MSBA monitors the projects against the total project budget throughout the Design Development, Construction Documentation, and Bidding Phases using the MSBA’s Cost Estimate Comparison Form, which must be updated by the OPM and included in each design submission. Following the award of the construction contract, the MSBA works with the district and its consultants to develop a revised project budget that reflects actual bid costs. The Project Funding Agreement will then be amended to reflect the revised budget. If at any point during the project, the District chooses to make changes to key personnel on the project team, these changes must be approved in writing by the MSBA.